What We Do

We help you find your internal success culture and live a life of fulfillment and purpose.

What we do:


General Coaching

Catalyst can coach you in any area that you desire as we are trained human behaviour specialists. We are able to assist in any area of your life including personal, work or relationships. We will assist you in moving forward with the help of the various processes and coaching experience that we have.

Strengths Coaching

At Catalyst, we believe you should focus on what you do well to create success and flow in your life. We will guide you through our unique system of discovering and learning to leverage your strengths to get you into your sweet spot for life.

Leadership Coaching

There are 5 Pillars of Leadership which we at Catalyst believe every person needs in place in order to lead well in any area. We can take you on a journey that will engage all five pillars to help you become an iconic leader in your sphere.

Workshop & Facilitation

There are a number of different training sessions and workshops that we offer here at Catalyst. We are also able to develop and taylor-make specific workshop to your needs. Kindly keep updated by subscribing to our Newsletter for further information.

Process Workflow



Where does your better life truly exist? It is in your inner world. Your Inner Success Culture. This is where the journey begins.




How does your inner world impact your life? The bridge between inner and outer is the context of your life. This is what you are making of the world around you.



Do you want to leave a lasting impact? This is where we have the most fun. And your life impacts many!

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